Aaron Bouren has been an entrepreneur since the age of 19 and chose early on to establish himself as leader in both traditional, online and network marketing. After moving to Austin, Texas in 1991, Aaron launched his career in direct response marketing by creating and building Paradigm Marketing into one of the most respected direct marketing firms. In 1995, he founded Legal Benefit Brokers, a payroll deduction and work site marketing firm.  In 2001, Aaron masterminded and developed one of the first US health care companies that acquired clients and operated exclusively through the Internet.  In the last 10 years, Aaron and his team have created innovative internet strategies directly enrolling 50,000 plus families and increasing patient loads for over 6000 physician groups nationally.

Although Aaron is BIG – from his height and heart to his dreams – he has been described by some as a very clever 6th grader in an adult’s body. Aaron is a motivated entrepreneur who has had some high highs, some low lows, and everything in between.  His experience has molded his paradigm of thought that it’s not the hand of cards we are dealt, but our attitude and how we play the cards that matter. Aaron’s ability to establish relationships with others and put people first is uncanny and most likely the result of growing up in Phoenix, Arizona with 42 foster brothers and parents that taught him everyone can make a positive difference, and that vision and belief will turn any underdog into a top dog.

His strong belief in family values extends into his ultimate dream, which is to create a youth entrepreneur center .  Aaron has a BIG heart and wears his emotions on his sleeve.  Aaron is not at all concerned about who gets the credit and who is right; Aaron is RESULTS oriented and is often quoted as saying, “We can NOT run a business on gut feeling; we will run our company on tested, measured facts.”
Aaron is known for his extreme candor and ability to make the complicated SIMPLE. You will often hear him say “it has to be simple because I have no patience for the complicated.”    Aaron proved that it does not take a college education to create successful businesses from the ground up. He has earned high recognition in business, is continually involved in charity work and his love for the fights inspired him to start Xtreme Fight Championships, a sporting event that put Texas MMA on the map.


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